Someone wants to give you a Coupon of Luck

One of your friends chose you when asked to pick a person, that he/she would like to share his/hers luck with.

This site really works!

How would you define luck is up to you, whether it's love, friendship, being rich - that's not important, you can think of anything. Size of your wish doesn't matter either: holiday trip, game console, joy of life... You will see, it's going to happen!

Make a wish and pick one symbol (trust you intuition):

The number of your wish is: 10

This is how many people you have to share this site with if you want your wish to become true.

Are we sure it's going to happen? Yes, because the strenght of people's dreams is unbelievable, by making good you make it return to you doubled. Don't refuse luck from your friend!

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